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Excellent food

Make it a party to remember.

Want to be remembered as the greatest party host around? Get Mexican food catered! Not only is it simple and easy to eat, but it is full of Latin flavors that everyone loves.


Get in touch with us to create a custom catering menu for your next party!

Give Maria's Mexican Restaurant a call to arrange for catering services at your next party or event. It'll be a blast!


Feed your guests excellent food.

When you throw a party, you must ensure that your guests never have empty stomachs. Maria's Mexican Restaurant has a team of experienced professionals who can cater your next event and even bring the food out to you!

Both your taste buds and your wallet will be happy when you dine with us!

Some great party foods

Our catering services will elevate your party!

• Tamales

• Taquitos

• Tortillas

• Tacos

• Enchiladas

• Nachos

• Guacamole and chips