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Carne asada Delicious dish Fresh quesadilla

Bring all your loved ones.

Our restaurant is family friendly, which means you can bring the little ones. You won't have to look for and spend extra money on a babysitter.


Make tonight's meal a bonding experience for your family!

Enjoy a break from kitchen duties tonight. Bring your entire family out for a superb dining experience at Maria's Mexican Restaurant!


Get waited on hand and foot by us.

At Maria's Mexican Restaurant, we aim to give you maximum satisfaction with not only our food, but with our service as well. After a hard day's work, you deserve to sit down to a meal that you didn't have to cook yourself.

Our menu items are packed with flavor and are made to order for the best taste!

Some of our delicious dishes

What's our secret? We use family recipes!

• Carne Asada

• Veggie Burrito

• Taquitos

• Quesadilla

• Chicken Flautas

• Tostada Grande

• Meat Enchilada